Katherine Shaner’s Scholarship Featured in National Lutheran Magazine

Prof. Katherine ShanerShe thinks great thoughts all day, and people listen and care. So concludes the author of “Talking about God: What Some of the ELCA’s Young Theologians Are Up To,” the cover story in the February 2013 edition of The Lutheran, the national magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She is the Rev. Dr. Katherine Shaner, Assistant Professor of New Testament at General Seminary, who is among the featured young scholars.

Shaner is profiled for her research interest in the story of slavery in early Christianity and its relevance not only for biblical interpretation and understanding structures of power in the first Christian communities, but also for examining Christianity’s participation in injustice today. Noting that the early Christians were not clearly abolitionist and that New Testament texts both proclaim equality in Christ and condone slavery, Shaner observes that Christians today are similar. The earliest Christians “are still struggling with injustice in their world,” she said in the interview. “Sometimes they don’t seem to know what the injustice is. That is a piece for us today. I see myself as a faithful Christian, but I am also complicit in systems of injustice I don’t even recognize.”

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