GTS Professor Deirdre Good Receives Grant to Conduct Parish-Based Scripture Studies

Prof. Deirdre Good at a scripture study on May 26.

Deirdre Good, Professor of New Testament at The General Theological Seminary has received a grant from the Episcopal Evangelical Education Society (EEES) to conduct a series of lay-led, learner-centered, parish-based scripture studies this Summer and Fall. The first study was held in Maine on May 26. The series will conclude this Fall at parishes in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

From Prof. Good’s description of the seminars:

If Scripture and its interpretation lies at the heart of the Anglican/Episcopal tradition, then we need to encourage and deepen parish-based lay-led Scripture studies by sharing resources from what already works in several parishes with what is being planned in other parishes and dioceses. We need to identify successful pedagogies and their methodological implementation and we need to make all these resources accessible on a website for the whole church.

The plan is to bring clergy and laity in the parish together with seminary faculty to do parish based bible study using effective pedagogies, for example, learner-centered teaching so as to train laity in the parish to teach others and thus deepen witness to and proclamation of scripture.

The hope is to use these experiences as a pilot project that could be transferred to other parishes by making videos of classes and creating websites.