Professor Mitties DeChamplain Offers a Broadway Blessing

DeChamplain13On September 9, the Rev. Dr. Mitties DeChamplain, Trinity Church Professor of Preaching at The General Theological Seminary and Vicar of St. Clement’s, participated in the 16th annual Broadway Blessing at The Church of the Transfiguration in Manhattan (The Actor’s Church). The evening was a festive gathering of singers, dancers, actors, musicians, and lovers of theater to ask God’s blessing on the new theatre season in New York City. Bishop Andrew St. John was the host, joined by members of The Episcopal Actor’s Guild, The Actor’s Temple (Congregation Ezrath Israel), and the Theatre at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church.

DeChamplain gave the closing prayer and blessing for the event:

Gracious and Loving God, Creator of all that is true and lovely;

We give thanks to you this night for the sacrament of the theatre, and for the passionate self-giving of  creative artists, on and off Broadway—on stage and off stage—who raise us up, revive us, and renew our days with their good and perfect gifts.

As we pause and begin again this year; May your blessing, Your shalom, Your eternal good will, Your wildness and warmth be upon this new season and upon us all. Amen.