The Way of Wisdom: Faculty Voices – Prof. Deirdre Good

The Way of Wisdom is a major initiative at The General Theological Seminary to integrate all the disciplines of formation in seminary education. Rather than separating education, formation and experience, The Way of Wisdom requires a complete blending of each. To read more about The Way of Wisdom, including Dean Kurt H. Dunkle’s article, “Diving into the Deep End,” go to

Every month, GTS News will feature one faculty member’s reflection on The Way of Wisdom.

D_Good-May13Dr. Deirdre Good
Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament

Listening is at the heart of education and thus at the heart of wisdom. It takes many forms (visual, auditory, sensory), but is the only way to understand someone else’s life and experience. But today we are encouraged to tell the world what we think as if self-expression or self-promotion marks the educated. And so we text, tweet, and post status updates on Facebook. We are thus in danger of eclipsing listening, and without it, we cannot access lives, sounds, experiences, and beliefs that are different from our own. We cannot create trust. Learning how to truly listen may be the most important lesson of all. Listening is about receiving sounds and voices so as to absorb and be transformed by what we hear. To listen better we have to practice. And listening to others is about learning and growing through trust and deepening relationships. It’s about the joy of being humble enough to receive God and God’s presence in our lives.

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