General Seminary Holds 192nd Commencement [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

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The General Theological Seminary
Class of 2014

The General Theological Seminary held its 192nd Commencement on May 14, 2014. Thirty-five women and men received degrees, diplomas, and certificates conferred by the Seminary’s Dean and President, the Very Rev. Kurt H. Dunkle. The Seminary’s honorary doctorate was conferred on the Rt. Rev. Douglas Hahn ’96, the Rt. Rev. Chip Stokes ’90, and the Rev. Canon C. K. Robertson, Ph.D. Read more about the honorary doctorate recipients here.

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More pictures from the joyous day:


A video of the Commencement may be seen here:

Commencement 2014 at The General Theological Seminary


Certificate in Ascetical Theology

Eugene Alphonse Bourquin

Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Andrew John Durbidge*
Lesley J. Mazzotta
Anthony Puca, Jr.*
Lilian Revel*
Susan Briggs Robinson*
Jennie Talley*
Certificate in the
Spiritual Guidance
of Children
Christen Laney Erskine†

Diploma in Anglican Studies

Nancy Jane Hagner
Warren Bradley Toebben

Master of Arts

L. Scott Lipscomb cum laude
Lilian Revel* cum laude
Susan Robinson* cum laude
Robert Lee Schotter cum laude
Brian-Paul Thomas

Master of Divinity

John L. Allison**
Jae Wook Chung
Donnamarie Donohue
Andrew John Durbidge*
Mark Frederick Genszler cum laude
Lauren Robbins Holder
Christine Ann Jones
Walter Bradford Kindergan
Lorenzo Lebrija
Steven Yong Lee cum laude
Joyce Bearden McGirr
Anne Nicholson
William L. Ogburn
Richard St. John Pike cum laude
Anthony Puca, Jr.*
Angela Marie Robidoux
Marc Almendarez Stutzel cum laude
Jennie Talley* cum laude
Megan Evans Thomas
Michael Townes Watson

Master of Sacred Theology

John L. Allison**
Rebecca Anne Barnes
Julia Elizabeth Heard cum laude
Miguel Angel Hernandez†
Joanne Izzo
Katherine Ann Salisbury cum laude

Doctor of Divinity(honoris causa)

William Douglas Hahn
Charles Kevin Robertson
William Hallock Stokes

*Received both a Certificate or Diploma and a Master’s level degree
**Received both a Master’s level degree and an advanced Master’s degree
†in absentia