Professor Deirdre Good Leads Retreat at St. Andrew’s, Hartsdale

DOn Saturday September 20, Prof. Deirdre Good led a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible) retreat day busy at St. Andrew’s in Hartsdale. About 65 people from parishes as close to Hartsdale as Grace in White Plains and as far as St. John’s in South Salem, along with guests from other faith traditions, came to spend the day.

Dr. Good led those gathered in opening their bibles to wander with Jesus through the gospels of Mark and Matthew, and a little in Luke and John as well. The morning session tried to explore what following Jesus, or not following him, looks like in the gospels. After lunch, the group explored how we are to follow Jesus in the world and what it means for us to carry our cross daily. There was some inspired and lively discussion with Dr. Good and those present as we explored those questions.

According to the Rev. JoAnne C. Campo, Interim Rector of St. Andrews, “the day was a blessing to all both in our new-found knowledge and in our new-found friends. We ended our spiritually uplifting and challenging day with a celebration of the Eucharist before we set forth to follow Jesus in the world, refreshed, renewed, and recreated by the Holy Spirit, and a promise that we shall do this again.”