An Orthodox Celebration at General Seminary

Othodox Sumposium_web 001The 22nd Ecumenical Theological and Interdisciplinary Symposium, co-sponsored by the Academy of Romanian Scientists and the Romanian Institute of Orthodox Theology, met all day at The General Theological Seminary on December 6, 2014.

Hosted by GTS Ascetical Theology Prof. Clair McPherson and Prof. Theodore Damian, President of the Academy (Splaiul Independentei 54, Bucharest) and the Institute (Woodside, NY), the Symposium welcomed nine scholars who presented papers, including Professors Damian and McPherson, and over forty interested guests and students from GTS and the Metropolitan College of New York. The Symposium also welcomed a special guest, His Eminence Nicolae Condrea, Archbishop of The Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas.

This year’s theme was Remembering Peace: Justice and Forgiveness in a Time of War, a particularly timely theme. Prof. McPherson’s paper, titled “Grant us thy Peace and the Agnus Dei Penny: the History of the Prayer for Peace,” was extremely well-received. Prof. Damian’s paper, “Errare Humanum Est, Absolvere Divinum (To err is human, to forgive, divine)” was a true blessing in a time of conflict locally, nationally, and internationally.

Both dinner and lunch were served, featuring traditional Romanian cuisine (but observing the Orthodox Advent fast, which meant meatless), and the joyful day concluded with Prof. McPherson leading the Evening Office and Prof. Damian leading the singing of the Phos hilaron–in Romanian.