Profs. Michael Battle and Todd Brewer Deliver the 2015 Paddock Lectures [PHOTOS+AUDIO]

On November 4-5, 2015, Professors Michael Battle and Todd Brewer delivered this year’s prestigious Paddock Lectures in Seabury Auditorium at The General Theological Seminary.

Together the lectures were titled The Goodness of Upheaval: Pauline and Apocalyptic Perspectives, and they provided both theological and practical conversation for why Christians engage in upheaval as a necessary good. Brewer’s lecture addressed “The Upheaval of Paul’s Life and the Incongruous Grace of Christ” and Battle presented themes from his upcoming book, The Goodness of Upheaval: Apocalyptic Perspectives. Audio recording of each of these lectures can be found below.

The Paddock Lectures were a feature of the annual Alumni Gathering, and were well attended by alumni, as well as members of the General Seminary community and others who travelled to see Profs. Battle and Brewer speak.


Prof. Todd H.W. Brewer: The Upheaval of Paul’s Life and the Incongruous Grace of Christ


Prof. Michael Battle: The Goodness of Upheaval: Apocalyptic Perspectives



Michael Battle_webThe Rev. Michael Battle, Ph.D., is General’s recently appointed Herbert Thompson Professor of Church and Society, as well as Director of The Desmond Tutu Center. He was ordained a priest in South Africa by Archbishop Tutu in 1993, and lived in residence there for two years. He has served at many Episcopal schools, most recently as Dean of Students and Community Life at the Episcopal Divinity School. Among his many placements he has served in Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina, San Gabriel, California, and in Cape Town, South Africa. Battle has also served at churches located in ethnically changing neighborhoods to help them adapt and grow, as well as Provost and Canon Theologian for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. He has published nine books. To read more about Professor Battle, click here.


Todd Brewer_webThe Rev. Todd H.W. Brewer, Ph.D., is General’s newly appointed Assistant Professor of New Testament. He was a lecturer at Lindisfarne Regional Training Partnership, a seminary in the Church of England. He has presented several conference papers, including one in the Historical Jesus section of the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (November 2014) and is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the British New Testament Society. To read more about Professor Brewer, click here.




The Paddock Lectures were founded in 1880 by General Seminary benefactor George A. Jarvis and named in honor of the Rt. Rev. Benjamin Henry Paddock, Class of 1852. The Lectures have brought to General’s campus a remarkable group of Anglican scholars, from William Temple to Sarah Coakley, and have become a prestigious and highly anticipated feature of General’s annual Alumni Gathering.