Graduating Students – Share Your Next Steps

The week leading up to Commencement will feature very short profiles on social media of our students’ next steps – for those who opt-in to participate.

Each day our social media platforms will share the photo of a graduating student with their post-grad plans. Anyone completing a program this semester is invited to participate.

Participation only takes 5 minutes of your time. Simply email Joshua ( the following info, and you will be included!

  • Your photo (or a few if you are unsure of which one to pick)
  • Your preferred name: How exactly do you want your name to written (Mr. Roberto Gonzales, Jr. or The Rev. Sandra Jackson)
  • No more than 20 words describing your next steps (“I will become the Curate of St. Margaret’s, London in the UK” or “New Program Director for St. Francis House, an Episcopal Service Corps Program in Chicago.”)

Also, you may find it a welcomed distraction from preparation for finals!

Deadline: May 8