P/T Job Opportunity for Seminarian or Spouse

Position Description: Program Associate: The Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion

The Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion draw together one hundred thirty Anglican affiliated colleges and universities on five continents.  As a network of the Anglican Communion, CUAC is a membership organization that connects the institutions for learning and fellowship, focusing on a Triennial Conference hosted by one of the members.  In 2017 the Triennial was held at Madras Christian College, Chennai, India with the theme of Identity and Diversity: Vocation, Citizenship and the common Good.  CUAC is managed by a board of twelve trustees and its executive officer is the General Secretary at its office in New York at the Episcopal Church Center.  Current support is a part-time bookkeeper who manages finances, a consultant communicator who edits the quarterly newsletter Compass Points and this position of Program Associate.

The Program Associate is a two or three day a week position receiving a $22 per hour stipend.  The position reports to the General Secretary supporting his role in member relations, donor relations and program activities.  The Program Associate has specific responsibilities in:

Member Relations

Maintaining the Access data base of member institutions and their contact information, keeping them current and weekly reporting changes to the Network office at the Anglican Communion Office in London who updates the www.CUAC.org webpage.

Maintains files in good order for dues solicitations and collections at the scheduled intervals.

Maintains and updates office files on the member institutions and CUAC committees and committees and adding new members from time to time.

On an ongoing basis, fills in missing files of Board Minutes and back issues of Compass Rose for historical continuity.

Donor Relations

Maintains files on donor activity such as solicitations, gifts and acknowledgements.

Develops research on particular prospect individuals and institutions

Program Activities

The Program Associate assists in writing and editing minutes of Board and Committee meetings, preparing timely drafts for member review.

In addition to the above, the Program Associate edits sensitive communications from the General Secretary and is responsible for periodic special projects.

If interested, please see Jonathan Silver silver@gts.edu or Donna Ashley ashley@gts.edu for contact information.