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Living Compass Certification Workshop FREE to matriculated GTS students & faculty/staff


Living Compass Coaching Certification Workshop.   The Living Compass Faith and Wellness Ministry is a new ministry that is helping Episcopal Churches across the country do the following:

  • strengthen the wellness and wholeness of individual members
  • create deeper, authentic community between members
  • provide programs that are easily accessible nonmembers in the community
  • provide programs that can be easily offered off-site in other settings in the community

Living Compass is flexible and adaptable to each local context.   Read more...

Yoga Workshops for the GTS Community, Easter 2013

YOGA at GTS: SCHEDULE, Easter 2013

YOGA FOR EVERY-BODY. No experience needed. The GTS Community is invited to come, enjoy, relax, and renew. Each yoga class is a particularly focused session (see above) yet also a complete class. Relaxation will always be offered at the end of each class. As well, you will learn a simple and easy “take-home” exercise each week (no more than 3 minutes long) to use at home if so desired.  Read more...

All About Depression: A Wellness Workshop Feb. 21

Whether depression hits you, a child or spouse, a friend or colleague, it affects the entire web of relationships.  The truly depressed person cannot be “cheered up” and may, without wishing to, drag others down into the doldrums.

In this informative seminar, participants will learn the difference between the “blues” and serious depression, a bio-chemical as well as emotional condition.  Interweave Founder and Executive Director Robert Corin Morris will speak from his own experience dealing with depression.  Read more...

Wellness Groups Up and Running: Walking, Yoga, Centering Prayer/Meditation

Dear Community Members,

Our Wellness Groups are up and running!  Come sit in meditation, take a balanced and healing yoga class, learn different approaches to spiritual walking, and reach a state of openness and communion through hand drumming… all together with your GTS friends and colleagues!

These wellness groups are open to ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS EVERY TIME: students, spartners, faculty, administration, and  staff.  There is NO COST to invest in yourself through our wellness groups!    Read more...

Centering Prayer / Meditation

A small cadre of students has committed to meeting for Centering Prayer as a group each Wednesday at 5:00 pm in the Oratory in Sherred Hall.  All members of the community – spartners, students, faculty, staff) are invited to participate as often or as little as you choose.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have moved our venue from the Dehon basement to the Oratory as a more “sacred” space.  Read more...

Reiki Master Liz Grohowski to offer therapeutic work at GTS

Dear Community Members,

Liz Grohowski, spartner of student Rebecca Barnes, will begin offering Reiki healing work at GTS.  Liz is an advanced Reiki Master with much experience, and is offering the healing, balancing, and grounding work of reiki for the same low rate for community members as our cranio-sacral and reflexology work: $20/session.

Please click here  to sign up for a session!  Liz will be on campus weekly, on various days, so please find a slot that works for you!    Read more...

Wellness Workshop: Chanting and Song as Spiritual Practice

Please join us on Thursday, September 20, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in Seabury Auditorium for our second Episcopal Wellness Program workshop!  This workshop will feature acclaimed song/chant leader Ana Hernandez, who will help us deepen our understanding of voice, song, and chant as communal and personal spiritual practice.  Ana leads workshops around the world, and her “Music Makes Community” workshops are always popular and powerful.  Read more...

Don’t Miss This Wellness Seminar

This is the “capstone” Wellness Seminar of our Easter Term.  Be sure you don’t miss it.

Matthew Ellis, Executive Director of National Episcopal Health Ministries, will be at GTS on Friday, April 27, from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. in Seabury Auditorium to present on the work and ministry of the NEHM.  We are very excited about welcoming Matt to our campus, and please do your best to support him (and make a good show for GTS!) by coming to this good event, the “capstone” for the 2011-2012 Wellness Program.   Read more...

Events Next Week

Sunday, April 22
* No special events scheduled

Monday, April 23
* Inter-Seminary Dialogue, Academy of Jewish Religion, Riverdale – 7-9:00pm

Tuesday, April 24
* Community Solemn Holy Eucharist, Chapel, 6:00pm
* “Breakfast for Dinner” in 20th and 21st St. Rooms in Seabury, 7:00pm

Wednesday, April 25
* No special events scheduled

Thursday, April 26
* New Jersey Nat’l Guard Chaplain Lunch, Tutu Ctr.  Read more...

National Episcopal Health Ministries to present at GTS Friday, April 27

Matthew Ellis, Executive Director of National Episcopal Health Ministries, will be at GTS on Friday, April 27, from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. in Seabury Auditorium to present on the work and ministry of the NEHM.  We are very excited about welcoming Matt to our campus, and please do your best to support him (and make a good show for GTS!) by coming to this good event, the “capstone” for the 2011-2012 Wellness Program.   Read more...

Peter K presents “Exercise 102” this Friday afternoon

Peter K‘s workshop “Exercise 101” got such good reviews last semester that we’ve brought him back to do “Exercise 102” this Friday, April 13, from 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. in Sherred 1B.  Even if you missed “101” don’t worry: there is no prerequisite for this workshop.  Come and learn some (more) basics of safe and effective exercise from an expert trainer!  Learn from Peter K how to improve both your midline and your mood with exercise.  Read more...

Wellness Seminar: Balancing Relationships as Clergy and Lay Leaders

This Friday, Feb. 24, from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m., the Rev. Allison Moore will be offering a Wellness Seminar focusing on how lay and clergy church leaders can successfully balance personal, family, and church relationships in a way that is healthy and life-giving.  Ask anyone who has worked as a parish clergy person: this is a needed skill set!  Allison is the author of the book Clergy Moms (which is broader in scope than just moms) which deals with this issue.   Read more...

Wellness Program: Conflict Management/Resolution this Friday, February 10

Do you dread conflict? Ever wonder if conflict can be prevented or managed more effectively in your own life, or even your parish?

Todd Bouldin is an ordained minister, a certified conflict management instructor, and an attorney who has spent his career helping to prevent and manage conflicts in the church, political and legal spheres. In this seminar, we will first identify our own core motivational system, then we will look at the motivational system of others to understand how motivation and perception of intention plays a key role in the development of most conflict.  Read more...

Wellness Seminars This Term

Dear Community Members,
As was the case last term, our twice-monthly Wellness Seminars are open to ALL community members.  These seminars, while forming a part of the AT360 learning experience, are stand-alone events open to all.  One week before each workshop, you’ll receive a deeper introduction to what’s coming.  In order to minimize the size of this email, I’ll include just the titles here.
Each speaker is a national-level expert presenter in their field, and offers content free of charge (to you) that would be quite pricey on the open market; why not take advantage and expose yourself to new and exciting ways to be happy, holy, and healthy?  Read more...

Peer-led Wellness Groups Schedule

Dear Community Members,

You are invited to join the following peer-led wellness groups this semester, beginning February 7:

Fit Club (a boot camp-style fitness program for all fitness levels)
Led by: Chris Ballard
Meets: Sherred stairs, Mondays, 6:30 p.m.

Meditation/Contemplation (no experience required; instruction provided)
Led by: Rebecca Barnes
Meets: Oratory, Fridays, 2:00 p.m.

Running (novices and marathoners all welcome)
Led by: Stefanie Wilson
Meets: Chapel gate, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:00 p.m.


Chaplain James Reho Writes about GTS’s New Wellness Program

The Rev. Dr. James H. Reho, Chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care, Deployment and Formation, contributed an article about the seminary’s new Wellness Program to the December 2011 issues of Health and Wellness News, published by the Episcopal Church Medical Trust. The article describes the program’s initial success in teaching and fostering wellness practices within the seminary community, as well as empowering students to guide others in holistic self-care.  Read more...