The Way of Wisdom: Faculty Voices – Prof. R. Bruce Mullin

The Way of Wisdom is a major initiative at The General Theological Seminary to integrate all the disciplines of formation in seminary education. Rather than separating education, formation and experience, The Way of Wisdom requires a complete blending of each. To read more about The Way of Wisdom, including Dean Kurt H. Dunkle’s article, “Diving into the Deep End,” go to

Every month, GTS News will feature one faculty member’s reflection on The Way of Wisdom.

Dr. Robert Bruce Mullin
SPRL Professor of History and World Mission

The General Theological Seminary has long understood that its role was to both educate and form its students. In our commitment to foundational courses, in the centrality of our worship, and in our common life together we have striven to shape the whole person. In my own courses questions of theology, piety, and response to the larger world have been central to the story of the church. We also respond to historical personages as real fellow Christians, with whom we are still in fellowship.

The new emphasis on wisdom is not a break for General, but rather a continuation of our long standing commitments.