Excellent P/T Job or Field Opportunities, Staten Island

The Richmond Inter-Parish Council, part of the Richmond Episcopal Ministry of the Diocese of New York (Staten Island, NY) is charged with working collaboratively with three to five Episcopal Parishes on Staten Island weighing current programs and looking to establish new ministries on Staten Island.

They have two jobs available:

1)         Someone with up-to-date computer skills on a part time basis to assist local parishes with updating their presence on social media, introduce the use of Constant Contact and work with the IPC on keeping current their webpage and possibly starting and monthly updating a Facebook presence not only for the IPC, but for other parishes as well.

This would be a paid position that could be done cyberly with some limited physical presence on Staten Island which is only about 45 minutes by train and ferry from the seminary. Salary would be negotiable, but in line with any salary range currently available through work-study.

The IPC would be paying the person, and they could arrange to pay for any travel costs incurred by the person interested in this job.

2)         Designing project-based programing across parish lines. Parishes in Staten Island can have as many as 200 or as few as 20 persons in the pews on any given Sunday.  The challenge is how to engage current members in the life of the church in a more regional way while still preserving the varied traditions of our diverse parishes. This is more of a field placement, and would require more of a time commitment than the IPC computer coordinator slot.  It would give the person interested the opportunity to work with a variety of situations across a very diverse island wide community. It is important to indicate that getting to this island is no big whoop.  It takes 45 minutes from ferry to seminary gate; and by car it is about half an hour. There several parishes located either within an easy walk or short bus ride from the ferry.

Contact: The Rev. Deacon Geraldine Swanson, Class of 2008

Email: deakswan@aol.com

Phone number: 718-442-4717